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  • There is really not much difference between a wire rope assembly and a lanyard. The lanyard is a component. An assembly is a combination of a wire or cable and an end fitting. Wire rope or cable assemblies are used to connect the two parts of the project. Although assemblies are not the most advance


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  • KMS is providing anKMS is providing an extensive range of cable railing fittings to meet different style of systems. Our cable railing fittings are all made by marine grade stainless steel 316 with high corrosion resistant to give you a long lasting railing system.Besides the long durability, for ke


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  • For all machine swaged assembilies, the breaking load much no lower than mini. breaking load on each size. For hand swage assembiles, the breaking load should at least exceed the working load of the cable.


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  • Cable Industries manufactures custom components to your required specifications.Webbing, fiber rope and wire rope, galvanized and stainless steel, uncoated and coated, transparent or colored, unlimited combination of size, length and end fittings, we can provide what you need when needed. No require


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  • The swage and swageless terminals are widely used in different


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  • With pursuit of a lighter aesthetics, more and more wire rope elements are joining in the design and construction of modern architectures.


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  • KM STAINLESS always put product quality as first priority and KM STAINLESS conducts average 1200 tims of product working load and breaking load tests every year. The working load tests mainly contains three areas with different testing methods. For standard products, like stainless steel lifting eye


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  • KM STAINLESS adopts an international standard for stainless steel quality check,and in order to assure the qualtiy of stainless steel material, KM STAINLESS invested in a handheld


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