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Recommended Maxi. Length and Post Spacing

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The stainless swage and swageless terminals for wire rope are widely used in different applications with different requirment on the wire rope length. But the max. length of each size wire rope is recommended, as the tensile strength could be affected if the wire rope is too long between two swage or swageless terminal. The below chart indicates the recommended max. length of wire rope between two terminals. 


                                                                                                          Standard Wire Rope Terminals


                                                                                                      Mini Type and Hand Swage Terminals


For cable railing system, the posts spacing should be also taken into consideration.  The recommended posts spacing is 5 feet center to center for 36”high railing and 4 feet for 42" high railing. But for some specific system,  the spacing of 4 feet for 36" and 42" railing.


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