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KMStainless Cable Selection For Cable Railing

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The life and reliability of your railing system or cable assembiles will only be as good as the cables which support them.  KMStainless offers a wide range of stock of  the two most popular cables.

Our standard stock has 1/16", 1/8", 3/16" and up to 1/2" cables to accommodate virtually any residential, commercial or industrial rail system install.  Our 1/8" and 3/16" cables are also available for 1x19 and 7x7 constructions. Other stainless steel cable with color cover is also available in KMS.

1x19 Cable

1x19 cable1x19 cable railing1x19 construct cable

· Low Stretch

· One bundle of 19 strands

· 1/16" , 1/8" , 3/16" and up to 1/2"

· Ideal for longer and extended runs

· Rigid material straight runs only

1x19 cable breaking load

For all machine swaged assembilies, the breaking load much no lower than mini. breaking load on each size.

For hand swage assembiles, the breaking load should at least exceed the working load of the cable.

7x7 Cable

7x7 cable7x7 cable in use7x7 construct

  • 7 bundles of 7 strands

  • Ideal for shorter cable runs

  • Can continue runs with 45 degree change in direction

  •  1/8", 3/16"  stainless cable

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