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KM Stainless Tensile Load Test

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KM STAINLESS always put product quality as first priority and KM STAINLESS conducts average 1200 tims of product working load and breaking load tests every year. The working load tests mainly contains three areas with different testing methods. 

-For standard products, like stainless steel lifting eye bolt, hooks, KM STAINLESS conducts a random check with 0.1%-0.3% testing rate. 

-For customized item, like customized rigging hardware with strictly requirement on tensile load, KM STAINLESS conducts a random check with 1% testing rate,sometimes the rate  will be higher upon request.

-For wire rope balustrade fitting, like swageless or swage cable terminal,KM STAINLESS conduct a random check with 0.1%-0,3% to ensure all items are fulfilling the functional  quality requirement.


KM STAINLESS is also very specialize in wire roep swaging job, now KIM STAINLESS is capable to finsih the wire rope terminal swaging from 3mm to 12mm. All swaging jobs are well done in KM 

STAINLESS facility. Please contact us freely, if you need a fisnished wire rope structure with swaging.

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