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Stainless Steel Low Flat Cleat with 2 Holes

Item No. :KMSCLT002
Material: T-316 stainless steel
  • KMSCLT002
  • KMrailing

KMstainless offers low flat cleat with 2 holes with wide of sizes from 100mm to 250mm, which are widely used on the boats and yachts and other marine environment. And it is also know as: Halyard Cleat, Boat Cleat, Deck Cleat or Rope Cleat with four countersunk fixing for easy installation.

Item No.: KMSCLT002

Material: AISI316


- Standard AISI316 material with high resistance of corrosion.

- Use for rope connection

-Fixing sizes: 4.4mm for 100mm, 4.4mm for 124mm, 5.3mm for 151mm, and 6.6mm for 200mm and 8.3 for 250mm.

- Customized sizes are welcome!

- Technical drawings upon request. CLICK HERE


As a fundamental supplier for international customers, KMstainless always conducts a very strictly inspection on material quality and tensile load tests for load rated items. For the stainless steel marine hardware, the material quality and tensile load could be vital. Therefore, Kmstainless adopted a 2% inspection rate on the final products, in terms of chemical composting and tensile load test for load rated item.

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