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Stainless Steel Eye And Eye Turnbuckle DIN1480

Item No. :KMS1480EE
Material: T-316 stainless steel
  • KMS1480EE
  • KMrailing

KMstainless offers this traditional type of stainless steel turnbuckle with DIN1480 specification, which are widely used for tension the wire rope for landscaping, rigging fitting and catenary cable.

Item No.: KMS1480EE

Material: AISI316


- Standard AISI316 material with high resistance of corrosion.

- Sizes available: 4mm to 24mm 

- Simple and easy installation.

- Eye and Eye/ Hook and Hook are available. 

- Guaranteed stability on quality.

- For applications on lifting system, please contact our technical. CLICK HERE


Among all types of stainless steel turnbuckle, the turnbuckle with Hook and Hook, Hook and Eye have the less tensile load than turnbuckle with Eye and Eye on a same size turnbuckle. Because the hook deformation will start earlier than the eye. 

To use a turnbuckle:

Usually we loose the turnbuckle to half engaged to leave sufficient length for tension purposes. After connection with wire rope fitting or other rigging accessories,then tighten the central of strainer with a simple rod or any tool with appropriate the shank. The locking nut are highly recommended to prevent the strainer from rotating after tension.


Loosen Up Strainer




As a fundamental supplier for international customers, KMstainless always conducts a very strictly inspection on material quality and tensile load tests for load rated items. For the stainless steel marine hardware, the material quality and tensile load could be vital. Therefore, Kmstainless adopted a similar standard with EN13889:2008 for tensile load test for load-rated items.

Quantity : 1 - 3000 3%

Quantity : 3000-5000 2%

Quantity : 5000 and above 1%

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