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Stainless Steel Bolt Pin Anchor Shackle With Oversized Pin

Item No. : KMS2130
Material : T-316 /304 stainless steel
  • KMS2130
  • KMrailing

The Stainless Steel Bolt Pin Anchor Shackle With Oversized Pin are produced from high quality 316 stainless steel, with proof tested WLL, and safety factor is 6 times of WLL. The high tensile oversize shackles are made by forging to keep the material strength.

Item No.: KMS2130

Material: AISI316 / AISI304



Correct use instructions

Check shackles before use to ensure:

All markings are clearly identifiable;

The threads of the pins and body are intact;

Never use safety bolts/pins without the use of split pins;

The body and pin are not distorted or excessively worn;

The body and pin are free of nicks, holes, cracks and corrosion;

Shackle may not be heat treated as this may affect its workload limitations; Do not modify, repair or reshape the shackle as this will affect the workload limit.

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