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Casting Stainless Steel Eye Bolt DIN580

Item No. : KMS580
Material : T-316 stainless steel
  • KMS580
  • KMrailing

KMstainless eye bolt, we supply is fully tested and certified in accordance with standard DIN 580:2010. It comes to you with certificate 3.1 EN10204, full chemical analysis, is fully traceable and bears the main information for the product's safe use (CE marking, maximum WLL, 3 main directions of pull, the batch number, type of material, thread size and other information deemed useful by the manufacturer).

Item No.: KMS580

Material: AISI316


- Standard AISI316 material with high resistance of corrosion.(AISI304 is also available)

- Sizes available: M6-M30

- Guaranteed stability on quality.

- Manufacturer Proof Forces certificates could be provided upon request.

- For applications on lifting system, please contact our technical. CLICK HERE



To use a lifting eye bolt:

- Mark sure vertical lifting with working load limit in line with eye bolt

-Assembling a spring washer and a nut between the eye bolt and the load surface are recommended.

- Please check the eye bolt condition before repeat use.

-Engage at least 90% of threads in receiving a hole when using shim or washers

-Ensure the tapped hole for a screw eye bolt has a minimum depth of one-and-a-half time the bolt diameter


As a fundamental supplier for international customers, KMstainless always conducts a very strictly inspection on material quality and tensile load tests for load rated items. For the stainless steel marine hardware, the material quality and tensile load could be vital. Therefore, Kmstainless adopted a similar standard with EN13889:2008 for tensile load test for load-rated items.

Quantity : 1 - 3000 3%

Quantity : 3000-5000 2%

Quantity : 5000 and above 1%

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